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Frequently Asked Questions

From simple care to complex questions about procedures, we hope this section makes you a healthier consumer.

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Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

This is one of the most common questions that gets asked at our Reading MA dental office. 

  • The most important thing is to look for the American Dental Association seal on the label. It means that it has been tested and verified by the clinical trials. It also means that there is fluoride in the toothpaste that can strengthen the tooth structure.
  • When bacteria digest sugar, it creates acid that dissolves tooth structure. Fluoride interacts with enamel to remineralize and protect the tooth.
  • Sometimes dentists will recommend specific toothpaste for different needs
    • Children’s toothpaste. These are specially made for children and their needs. They contain lower concentrations of fluoride because children require lower dosage of fluoride. 
    • Sensodyne. Specifically made for patients who are experiencing sensitivity to cold. As the gum recedes, more of the root surface is exposed. Unlike enamel, root surfaces have pores that go into the inner layer of the tooth. When cold or hot liquid goes into the pores it can cause sensitivity. Sensodyne contains chemicals that blocks those pores and prevent temperature dependent sensitivity.
    • High Concentration Fluoride Toothpaste- If you have a lot of small cavities that do not yet need to be restored, your doctor might prescribe you toothpaste with higher concentration of fluoride. It is specifically designed to prevent decay from getting bigger by remineralizing the decalcified tooth structure. 
  • Can my toothpaste cause damage to my teeth?
    • Improper brushing technique can lead to erosion of tooth structure. Aggressive brushing can traumatize the gum and can cause recession. 
    • Because root surfaces are not as hard as enamel, brushing with coarse toothpaste can cause erosion around the root surfaces.
    • All commercial toothpastes have Relative Dentin Abrasion or RDA assigned to them. Check for ADA seal on the back of toothpastes. All toothpastes with ADA seal have RDA value of less than 250 which is deemed safe.
    • “Relative dentin abrasivity is used by industry, researchers, or standards organizations to develop new products or to conduct quality control.23 It should not be used to rank the safety of dentifrices. However, RDA values below 250 cannot be used quantitatively to rank safety of toothpastes as these values do not correspond to potential clinical changes to enamel.22, 23”
      credit: https://www.ada.org/en/resources/research/science-and-research-institute/oral-health-topics/toothpastes

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