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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do fillings work?

All dental filling materials are meant to replace missing tooth structure. There are two separate types of fillings, amalgam (silver) and composite (white). Although there are pros and cons to each restoration, at Wood End Dentistry, only white fillings are used. 

After all the decay and damaged tooth structure has been removed, the tooth is primed with chemicals. With white restorations, filling is bonded to the tooth chemically. This prevents the gap between the tooth and the restoration from forming and bonds the restoration tightly to the tooth, increasing longevity of the restoration. 

Composite restorations comparable to cements. It is a great material to replace missing structures after all the decay has been removed. After the tooth is conditioned chemically, restoration is placed by small increments. The restoration is then hardened using a special light. After restoration is finished, the bite is adjusted and the restoration is polished.

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