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Are dental X-rays safe and needed?

Dental radiographs are a crucial tool in diagnosing and treatment planning. Number of xrays and their frequency is determined by the guideline set by the American Dental Association and are determined by Dr. Jang. We understand that patients are rightfully concerned about excessive exposure to radiation and we want to limit the number of radiographs to what is necessary. 

Radiographs are important tools when we need to look at areas that cannot be seen by the eyes. X-rays allow for:

  • Able see if there is any problems with bone
  • Cavities between teeth
  • Check for gum disease

At Wood End Dentistry, we use digital radiographs, which reduces the amount of time that patients are exposed to radiation. Studies have shown that digital equipment can reduce up to 47% of radiation compared to films. To ensure patients’ safety, we make sure patients are protected with an apron lined with lead.

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