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From simple care to complex questions about procedures, we hope this section makes you a healthier consumer.

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Well Informed Patients are Healthy Patients

At Wood End Dentistry, we believe that informed patients are healthy patients. We often see patients who come in with failed dental work due to poor maintenance. Many times, patients claim that they were never properly informed about how to maintain their implants or removable prosthetics, or they were using oral appliances incorrectly. When asked why, the response is often “no one told me.” We understand that patient education is a crucial aspect of successful dental treatments. That’s why we strive to educate our patients starting from the moment they walk in the door and continuing throughout their treatment. Dr. Jang takes the time to explain the diagnosis, cause, and recommended treatment options in detail, allowing patients to make informed decisions about their dental care.

Our goal is to empower patients with the knowledge they need to maintain optimal oral health and prevent future problems.

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