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Can you remove white spots after braces? Microabrasion

One of the common issues after getting braces is taking care of white spots around the areas where metal brackets are placed. This process, called enamel demineralization, occurs when the area around the bracket are cleaned off and bacteria grows on that area. As bacteria ferments the sugar, it creates acid that demineralizes the tooth. Although this can be found anywhere in the mouth, it is commonly found on front teeth after braces are removed. 

One of the biggest complaints that patients have is that the spot will not go away no matter what they do. Simply whitening the teeth over the counter or professional whitening will only increase the contrast and make the white spots more noticeable.

Understanding the cause of those white spots understand it and mechanisms are important to understand. Because the underlying tooth structure is demineralized, a thin outer layer of the teeth will be mechanically with a polishing instrument and a special abrasive material. This process, known as microabrasion, is a very simple and noninvasive procedure and can be used to achieve desired esthetics in a predictable manner. It is a great alternative to more invasive cosmetic procedures like crowns and veneers.

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